Apr 01, 2020 | Riky Hidajat

5 Practical Ways to Wise Use of 'Me-Time' During Fearsome COVID-19 Social Distancing Period

Everyone now somehow aware of COVID-19, the notorious coronavirus that spread like wild fire all over the world. According to Worldometers, the confirmed cases is approaching 1 million case with death will be over 40,000 soon. Total case in the United States tops the world soon with 200,000 confirmed case.

Is this scary? Yes and no. Being transparent, the US government is declaring war with this invisible enemy. One of the steps is testing all of Americans of the posibility of infections. About 65,000 coronavirus tests are being performed on Americans each day. Expert expects that the number to be increased to 150,000 per day.

In the mean time, everyone was asked to stay at home and do social distancing. This is frustrating, unpleasant feeling for all of us. We cannot go to our favorite restaurants to hang out with families and friends. We cannot go to watch movies. All we can do is just stay at home. On the other hand, you might think, I have now all the time to finish all the episodes or play video games all day. You'll get the excitement for couple of days. But to some point, you will start feeling bored again.

Why? Because we are not spending time the best way possible. Wasting your time playing video games or watching Netflix all day is like losing every second of your life with virtually nothing in return. You feel calm when you are playing video games because everything seems to be under control. Your endorphine will give you that feeling of calm and achievement as you gain your game points and upgrade your weapons, but when you are back to your real life, life is much more difficult to cope with. That feeling will makes you want to even spend more time in playing video games to avoid reality. Seems doing all the hardwork and achieve some kind of success. But it is not real and cannot be real. Need to avoid binge watching or playing video games at all cost.

Since we now have lots of 'me time', ie. the time we can spend with ourselves to achieve our goals and inline with our life value, it is now the best time ever to do your own things. Below are some practical advice and tips to make good use of our time at home.



1. Exercising

We all knows doing regular exercise is good, but we tends not to do it due to excuses. Here are some of the benefits of exercising according to MedlinePlus, help you control your weight, improve your mental health and mood, improve your sleep, etc. One guy is doing HIIT (High Intensive Interval Training) using a smartphone app during a period of two months and he loses 6.5 pounds. The benefit of regular exercise is more than just weight loss. We are training our mental fitness to become tougher and tougher, not giving up easily.

Just imagine you wake up in a bad mood, may be because of the weather or a bad sleep. Despite of the fact, you force yourself to do the exercise routine. At the end of exercising, you are guarantee you will feel much better. One of the reason is because of the released endorphins, chemical releases in the brain to reduce perception of pain. You will feel less stress, boast self-esteem and improve sleep. Develop this as a habit and you will develop self-discipline trait which is one of the necessary skills to be successful in life.



2. Cooking

Cooking is one way to satisfy your crave for food you couldn't have during this period. Say you like Chinese food and they are closed during this period. You are longing for their fried noodles. How to satisfy your crave for this? By cooking it yourself at home.

There are lots of apps, Youtube videos, tv shows that teaches you how to cook. Watch them and experiment with them. Don't feel shy or don't know what to do. You can start with the basics, like preparing breakfast meals for family members. Tell your family you will cook every Tuesdays morning. You then go to groceries 1-2 days before and have you ready for the big day.

The next day, you woke up early, start with toasting the bread. For scramble eggs, first beat the eggs mixed with milk, salt and pepper until blend. Then heat butter on sticking pan on medium heat until hot. Pour the egg mixture onto it. As the eggs begin to set, pull the eggs across the pan with a spatula forming large soft curds. Continue cooking with pulling, lifting and folding the eggs until thickened and no visible liquid egg remains. Remove from heat and serve hot. Do this couple of times and you are ready for a part-time job in the nearby restaurant.



3. Reading

People in past loves reading as this is one of the recretional activities. According to LifeHack, there are 10 benefits of reading, some of them are stress reduction and tranquility. Our brain can only focus in one thing at a time. So whenever we are too overly focus in our problems, we can feel depleted easily and some even goes downhill afterwards. Reading can help you relax, by immersing yourself to other's people problem and learning how they can cope with their issues, will give your inspirations to keep on moving with your life.

Studies also found that religious beliefs and activities are associated with lower blood pressure and less hypertension. Spiritual activities may include prayer and reading spiritual text can lower blood pressure and bring about an immense sense of calm. Reading self-help books also can help people who suffer from certain mood disorders and mild mental illnesses.



4. Connecting with Family

You will find you are spending with your family members more time than ever. If you are feeling you are not spending enough time with your parents before, it is the good time to make up. You can do things together with your Dad such as watching sports, Netflix or play board games. Or you can do house chores to help your Mum. One of the best way is doing some cooking for them. Spending time for them is like giving a gift. Doing it with the right motives, they'll appreciate your actions.

This is also a good time to spend time with your siblings. No matter how bad or good they are, all of you are connected being born from the same parents. Such unique relationship cannot be replaced. It is therefore important to maintain siblings relationship because as you grow older and when all your parents are gone, siblings will be the only family members than can help you unconditionally in time of needs. If you maintain a good relationship now, all siblings will benefits from such relationship and they will become your friends too.

Spend time together with them include doing things together, such as playing video games or watching Netflix together. Even cooking together is one great way to bond the relationship. Do things that both of you like. You might not see immediate result, but you will see them in the long run.



5. Plan your future

Planning your future effectively takes time because you need to write them down. And now, you have the time during social distancing. The reason for writing your plan is because you want to make sure that the steps you are taking is right, or heading to the right direction, so no time is wasted and you will reap your goal sooner. Without the right planning, not only it will be harder to achieve your goals, you also lose your momentum easily when you face more hurdles and life challenges.

So writing them down with specific action steps on how to achieve them can make all the difference between success and failure later in life. Whether it is about your study, your career or to become financially independent, write your plan down and work toward it. Once you achieve a milestone, reward yourself so you can keep going. If you make a plan, you’ll be more motivated to build your savings and start investing.

Set resolutions with specific achievable date can help you progress. The more specific you are, the more focus you are to achieve your goal. Doing so also avoid proscratination. Then take baby steps to progress toward your goals. Be patient and don't lose sight on your goals. You will arrive there one day if you keep your focus.  You'll achieve milestones along the way. Celebrate when each milestone is met. This not only boost up your self-confidence, you will also gain the wisdom on planning and execution. This will put you at an advantage in future endevours.



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