About Us

We founded Awedeals with one simple goal:

To help you find and fill your passion with amazing affordable price.

We are tired of so-so stores with dull selection and boring gifts. We therefore meticulously curate a few unique pieces together, perfectly suited for people with taste buds like you, to make the journey of finding your passion entertaining and informative.


The story of our website logo

When we initally brainstormed the logo, we were thinking of an e-commerce logo of having the letter S and green color as it can mean US dollar saved.

As we were playing around with the fonts, we found out using Avenger fonts looks nice overall. In Avenger's logo, the letter A has a right arrow. Ours also has such arrow, which means move forward.

Further down the brainstorming session, we found out when we put the letter A for Awe on top of the letter D for Deals, it can resemble the letter S, which is what we originally wants.

The lightning sign might recall you of Flash, which moves very fast. Such idea is inline when you see an awesome deal, you take fast action to secure the deal.


Some says our logo looks weird, but for us, it represents our values:-

1. S for Speed. We acts fast on all aspect of our business. For example, we are aiming to serve all our customer fast by answering all emails within 24 hours. We also aim to deliver the goods fast. Most of our goods are US warehouse based. Therefore you can receive your order pretty quick.

2. S for Save money. We want to save our customers money through our awesome deals. Remember to enter the discount code so you can have more money to enjoy other things in the future. Treat the coupon as if we buy you a cup of coffee. It's always nice to have one, especially from a good friend.

3. S for Satisfaction. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular nowadays. The drawback is, there are sellers who just don't care about their customers. They are reluctant to communicate. We are different. We want every one of our customer to enjoy the journey when purchasing with us. Even when things don't come out as plan, we are here to help. We can assure you of a happy ending. You will receive your product and happy for that.

If you have any queries or comment, feel free to email us at support@ awedeals.net.



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